Iran Wins 13% Share in Export of Petroleum Products in Middle East

Speaking to Shana, Kazemi said this is the first time since establishment of the petroleum industry in Iran 11 decades ago that the country has become a net exporter of petroleum products and has brought its exports to a record high of 400,000 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE). 

He said NIOPRDC is currently exporting 60 million liters per day of fuel oil and gasoil which is 13.5 percent of the Middle East’s total exports. 

He also said his company has become a serious player in regional markets. 

“Export of over 400,000 barrels a day of petroleum products needs various factors to be obtained which include export markets, access to marine and land transportation facilities, international financial systems and insurance facilities,” Kazemi said. 

“Without the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) achievements in international and foreign policy areas, we could have never achieved this 13% market share in export of petroleum products in the Middle East,” he added. 

Iran is planning to raise export of petroleum products to 600,000b/d by next calendar year which begins on March 21 2017, he added.