Iran Welcomes Intl. Companies’ Contribution to Oil Projects

“Iran will, within framework of laws and certain priorities, welcome presence of big western and Asian companies in Iranian oil and gas development projects,” Adyani told Shana.

He said Iran has a red line for attraction of foreign capital and that’s meeting financial interests and non-repetition of improper agreements for the country.

He went on to say, “We welcomed presence of international companies, that have a favorable record in engagement with Iran. We may ignore blunder of certain foreign companies that left Iran with restrictions during sanctions. But their mistake will never be forgotten by Iranian nation. The companies having favorable cooperation with Iran at the time of sanctions, are now in the list of priorities for development of oil cooperation.”

As far as cooperation with foreign companies for development is concerned, Iran does not just focus on western companies, said the MP, adding that major Asian companies capable of partnership with Iranian companies within framework of the ongoing laws of the country, will be given the priority in oil cooperation.