Iran, Turkey Examine Cooperation in Gas

Director of the International Affairs Department at National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Behzad Babazadeh, Managing Director of West Azarbaijan Province Gas Company, Mansoor Sadeqian, and and Turkey’s consul general in Orumiyeh Mehmet Bulut  discussed cooperation in gas.

Sadeqian said his company, having high technical potential and valuable experience in gas supply, can play an important role in Iran-Turkey gas exchanges.

He said his company is capable enough to provide necessary infrastructure to address part of Turkey’s need to natural gas, especially in border cities, if the Turkish party is willing. 

Meanwhile, Babazadeh said gas is supplied to border region in line with government policy to provide cities and all villages with more than 20 families inhabiting in them.

Bulut hailed Iran’s splendid position world in terms of energy and said Turkey is highly willing to have extensive cooperation with Iran in that domain.

He noted that Iran’s successful gas supply to the hard accessible and border regions of West Azarbaijan Province is admirable. “Many Turkish big cities are not provided with natural gas, whereas remote villages in Iran have easy access to natural gas, which is admirable.”

He hoped that positive and more steps will be taken for expansion of bilateral relations, especially in the field of energy.

He noted that necessary grounds will be provided so that the NIGC will meet part of Turkey’s natural gas demand, using technical and infrastructural capability in West Azarbaijan Province.