Iran Key Player in Gas Market: Expert

Hossein Iranmanesh, head of the Institute for International Energy Studies, has underlined Iran’s technical capabilities in development of gas fields, adding the country is a main player in the gas market which cannot be overlooked by others. 

“Iran is a reliable supplier of gas for consumers of the commodity while being a key player in the market that cannot be overlooked by rivals,” he said. 

Iranmanesh further said what matters is that the energy sector should grow more resilient to big changes and one should wonder how energy supply and demand can be balanced without much fluctuation in the market. 

“We are of the opinion that suppliers and consumers do not play a key role in market fluctuations; rather it is middle factors like speculators whose interests lie in fluctuations of prices,” he added. “Being able to calibrate the market conditions in such a way that financial and physical factors win a bigger role in market conditions is a precept we have borrowed from Iran’s Economy of Resilience.” 

Continuous fluctuation is not a good thing in the market and producers, consumers and investors must be able to envision a clear future for their activities in the market, he added.