Iran Joining Group of Oil Product Exporters

Khosravani told Shana that government export achievements testify the fact that Iran can well manage the country’s refining capacity based on the market needs and avoid selling crude, thus joining the exporters of oil products.

He said for the time being, Iran is now exporting 45,000,000 to 50 million liters of fuel oil and about 20 million liters of gasoil, which means “we are exporting 400,000 barrels out of 1,850,000 barrels of daily refining capacity and have turned into major exporter of the product in the region.”

He said as phases of South Pars joint gas field came on stream, in the past one or two years the amount of gas injected to the nationwide network has dramatically increased, minimizing to the least possible level the delivery of the fuel oil and gasoil, enabling the country to emerge as durable exporter.

He noted that reduction in amount of liquid fuel and lack of consumption market for the fuel oil and gasoil inside the country, it had to move towards exports. “Since last year, we managed to embark on durable exports of gasoil and fuel oil.”

Iran is now experiencing sustained exports of more than 65 million liters of gasoil and fuel oil per day, said the official. 

Besides exports of gasoil and fuel oil, Iran is now exporting kerosene and liquefied gas, only importing gasoline, said the official, hoping that following operation of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery and Bandar Abbas development project, the country will start exporting gasoline as well.