Iran-India Cooperation in Line with Regional Interests

President Rouhani made the remark in a meeting with Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari on the sidelines of the NAM summit on Saturday.

He said undoubtedly, expansion of cooperation between Tehran and New Delhi will be in line with interests of the two countries and of the region.

He referred to extensive agreements reached between Iran and India for expansion of mutual ties during visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi to Tehran and said speedy enforcement of the agreements, especially in promotion of banking and railway cooperation and development of Chabahar Port will give more impetus to bilateral relations.

Under conditions when the region is affected by extremism and terrorism, promotion of Tehran-New Delhi regional cooperation to promote regional stability and security is essential and the cooperation will be to the interest of the entire regional countries.

Ansaro for his part said that cooperation between Iran and India as  two old friends will lead to peace and development in the entire region.

He said relations between the two countries have always been stable and “we have started a new chapter in it: The chapter whose turning point was the visit of Indian Prime Minister to Tehran.

Future history of Iran and India will feature Chabahar as key word of bilateral relations and expansion of the cooperation in the entire region.