Iran Gas Exports to Turkey Disrupted

“Turkish Butas company announced last night that for the time being, Turkey has not the possibility to receive Iranian exported gas for certain problems; hence, as of 22 hours on Thursday, Iran’s gas exports to Turkey has stopped,” said Boujarzadeh in an interview with Shana.

Boujarzadeh said gas exports will resume once Turkey announces readiness to gas receipt again. 

Meanwhile, Director General of the Boarder Affairs Department at Ministry of Interior, Majid Aghababaie, said on Friday morning that the pipeline for export of Iranian gas to Turkey had been exploded in vicinity of  Bazargan border. 

Gas exports to the country has been disconnected temporarily, said the official.

According to the media, Turkish opposition group was behind the explosion12 kms from Bazargan border in Turkish soil at 21:30 hours local time.