Iran Entitled to Regaining Past Quota

In an interview with Shana, Nemati commented on Iran’s oil market revival plan and recent consultative OPEC ministerial meeting in Algeria and said, “As long as it has not been able to retain its quota in the oil market to the pre-sanction level, Iran cannot endorse the idea for stabilization or lowering the production.”

The Iranian lawmaker said Iran’s share in the world crude market to pre-sanction level and its regional and global standing in oil are well clear.

“Certain countries used sanctions and won Iran’s share; so, it is necessary for Iran to regain its share in the world markets.”

The official said the current atmosphere should be used and the oil income should be well managed by channeling it to the infrastructural activities.

 The MP said oil sold for 50 dollars will help government improve the country’s economic status.

He said after the JCPOA, Iran faces other problems like employment and job creation, necessitating wise management of the oil revenues.