IOPTC Meets 80% Needed Equipment Domestically

Speaking to a news conference, Jaafarinasab said 80 percent of the equipment the IOPTC needs are made by Iranian engineers and industrialists and it can be said the country has attained self-sufficiency in that respect somehow.

He said indigenization in production of parts, equipment, machinery and consumption materials was put on agenda after the Islamic Revolution and the goal was met in recent years.

He added that for instance, the country has become self-sufficient in production of rotating machinery whose main duty is transfer of oil and products as well as gas turbines, whose technology is similar to that of plane engine.

For the time being, 165 of the machines are at work all over the country and each have 14,600 steam horse power, said the official.

The official said the three megawatt gas turbines, costing more than 2.5 million dollars overseas, are produced inside the country.

Furthermore, he said Iranian engineers and experts are to produce a 25 megawatt model of the turbines and they have even made a prototype model.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jaafarinasab said 350 million liters of crude oil and oil products are daily transported via 14,000 kms oil pipelines.

He said the bulk of substance transferred through pipelines equals to that by 55,000 to 60,000 tankers.