IOOC Vessel Drowned Despite Much Help

Following the incident, the Maritime Operations Unit in Behregan Region held radio contract with the captain of the vessel and at 14:45 hours local time a vessel of Abuzar platform along with a mobile pump to drain water from Masrour vessel was sent to the area for help.

The report said at 15:30 hours local time a vessel along with a powerful pump was sent to the area from Khark and at 15:45 hours local time a passenger vessel was sent to rescue the passengers of Masrour vessel. Three tug boats were sent to the area from Soroush field and fortunately in the rescue and help operation, all the 12 passengers of the vessel were saved from any drowning.

The IOOC said in the operation efforts were made to guide the half-drowned vessel to the shore by tug boats but since its heel had been in water, it was not possible to save it and the rope was left to let the vessel go to water.

Observation of the safety standards by the IOOC has always been emphasized and the vessels chartered by the Company have to observe the highest amount of safety indexes.

The report said the IOOC personnel were so swift to rush aid to the drowned vessel.