IOOC Compiles Package of Investment in Development of Oil, Gas Fields

The Department of the Economic and Financial Feasibility Study said the projects relating to the Integrated Plans of the National Iranian Oil Company will be production from the Salman, Forouzan, Reshadat, Doroud and Abuzar oil and gas fields as well as Sirri fields.

Qualitative promotion of the refining projects in the onshore firms in Kharg with 200,000 barrel refining capacity and collection of the associated gases in Reshadat oil field and their shipment to Salman platform are among other objectives of the integrated project for development of the IOOC oil and gas fields.

Under the package, the needed investment will be specified for a period of four years and will be met through conclusion of the F, EPCF and EPDF finance contracts in proportion with the executive status and type of activity of any project.

The repayment of the cost of project has also been made clear and fifty percent of the revenue gained out of increase in capacity of oil production from the fields and projects will be met in a period of six years.