Ilam Platform to Yield 10,000bd Oil

Director of the Technical Affairs Department at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) Manoochehr Davoodi said once operations to repair the well no. 5P2E by the 4-DD rig are complete, daily crude output of Esfand field in Ilam platform in Sirri region of the IOOC will increase by 10,000 barrels in total and its gas output will increase by five to 10 million cubic feet a day.

Davoodi said such an important project will be commissioned after 16 years with regards to problems with the sea bed and lack of possibility for fixing drilling rigs.

 He said the goal behind repair of the well, which is on the 2-WPE platform in Ilam field, is to supply NGL feedstock to Sirri.

Pasargad 100 rig will be the third Iranian rig the IOOC will apply on the 1-WPE platform in Ilam field, said Davoodi, adding that once the rig is fixed, eight wells will be repair and drilled this week, using two drilling rigs in the field. 

The official said the well 5P2E will be one of the wells to be drilled and repaired in the week.

He hoped that drilling and repair of the remaining wells will be completed in the earliest time.

Sirri Island is about 72 kms from Iran’s coast lines south of Bandar Lenge Port and 40 kms west of Abu Moussa Island.