IEE Welcomes Foreign Investment

Capital Market website quotes Hosseini as saying that foreign purchasers can run auction bids after receiving shareholding code from Central Securities Depository and Settlement Company and there is no limit for their activity in the IEE.

Hosseini said Central Securities Depository and Settlement Company has thus far issued share holding code for a number of foreign purchasers and there is no limited in connection with presence of foreign shareholders in the commodity exchange.

He said the international ring of the IEE has won more than 50 percent of the volume and value of exchanges at the IEE.

He noted that every week, the export offers at the IEE International Ring are for exports.

The foreign purchasers may not buy directly in the auctions but can access the commodities offered at the IEE through Iranian exporters, he added.

On advantages of foreign entrepreneurs’ presence in the IEE commodity exchanges, Hosseini said at the commodity exchange, goods are offered in two separate rings, while the base prices in the domestic ring is times less than the base products in the exports rings.

He said the base of prices at the export ring is based on the world’s latest values, while the base prices in the domestic ring is in nature supportive for domestic consumer. That’s why the domestic and export rings are different with each other, he added.

Development of the international ring will be in favor of the offeror as the producer can offer its goods at higher prices, said the official, adding that hence, the ground will be prepared for acquaintance of foreigners with domestic products and such an engagement will pave the way for domestic producers to gain more profits.