Hurolazim Pond Revival on NISOC Agenda

Speaking to Shana, Alipour said Hurolazim Pond had been dried up over the past three years due to oil well drillings but Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh ordered its revival during his recent visit to Khouzestan Province.

The NISOC official said daily collection of 42 million cubic meters of associated gas in Khouzestan and defining 13 projects, costing 7500 billion rials, to manage seven million cubic meters of associated gas are among other programs of the NISOC.

Alipour said on order of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 800 billion dollars out of National Development Fund was diverted for maintenance and increase in production of oil by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Out of the sum, 555 million dollars were dedicated to the NISOC, added the official.

He noted that his company has also sewage treatment project in its schedule and with design and application of new systems, the amount of infiltration of contaminated waters has dramatically decreased.

He also said his company has despite liquidity shortage, contributed a sum of 3008 to 4000 billion rials to the urban service projects. “Furthermore, more than 500 billion rials were paid to the municipalities in province in the past one and half years.”

He then dwelt on civil defense project successfully implemented in different parts of the NISOC and said the refining centers, facilities, and computer systems were all immune in terms of safety standards.

He then said 41 percent of the spare parts and items needed by the NISOC were made in Iranian workshops. “Up to so far, 8,000 parts have been made inside the country and 6,000 more parts are getting built. I hope the items will be 100 percent home-made.”

He announced that the NISOC is responsible for production of more than 80 percent of Iranian oil, feedstock for all petrochemical facilities and 16 percent of national gas output. 

He added that the NISOC built Abadan-Mahshahr-Hendijan road for Ministry of Roads and Urban Development at a credit of 910 billion rials.

He concluded that construction of several more roads and ways are among other projects of the NISOC.