Hermes to Resume Work in Iran

Addressing the Iran-German trade session in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) in Tehran on Monday, Gabriel said a delegation of 100 German officials, including representatives of the small- and medium-sized companies, are in Iran for expansion of relations, especially in the economic domain.

He said, “We do believe that German giants should not be the only focus, rather, the small- and medium-sized companies are decisive to cooperate with Iran.”

He went on to say that the Iran-Germany economic commission session was held after a 15-year halt. “We hope there will be no longer any prolonged disruption. We should revive our good relations in the past.”

The minister said many German companies preserved their conditions at the time of sanctions and continued cooperation with Iran, so we can solved our complicated and difficult problems.

“Iran and Germany can cooperate in many sections like energy, environment protection and the like; one cannot expect any miracle; however, one can touch and win cooperation and success.”

Through cooperation in commissioning joint projects, Iran and Germany can attain progress and development, the German official said, adding. “Also, Hermes insurance can start activity in Iran, though financial problems and barriers still persist. However, through cooperation of Iranian and German private sectors, we can change conditions.”