Greece Eager to Expand Economic Ties with Iran

Dragasakis further told Governor General of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif that Greek Central Bank and other banks of the country are willing to cooperate with Iran.

“We support Iranian companies’ investment in Greece and vice-versa and their cooperation,” he said.

He also referred to Iran’s special status and the role of Iran and Greece in regional peace and stability and also implementation of accords, reached during historical visit of Greek Prime Minister to Tehran in February 2016.

Seif in turn said Iranian Government of Hope and Prudence is bent on promotion of Iran’s economic standing and stressed Tehran-Athens economic and banking cooperation.

He said banking relations will play a significant role in consolidation of bilateral economic ties. “Fortunately, positive steps have been taken for expansion of banking relations with Europe, including Greece.”

Seif met Greek Minister of Energy and Environment on Thursday and is to meet and confer with other Greek officials.