Gas Recovery from South Pars Up 20% Y/Y

Masoud Hassani, managing director of South Pars Gas Complex, said SPGC revenues have increased by 5.6 billion dollars from the offshore fields during the 9 months from the same period last year.

SPGC supplies 63.7% of Iran’s total gas output.

Once fully productive, the field will be supplying over 80% of Iran’s gas output by 2018, Hassani added. 

SPGC is planning to supply 850 million cubic meters of natural gas, 720 mcm of sweet gas, 4 mcm of sour gas and 2,500 tons of sulfur by mid-2018. 

Iran expects to increase gas production from South Pars to 540 mcm/d by the end of the calendar year. 

Iran shares South Pars with Qatar in Persian Gulf waters.