FDI-Funded Solar Farm being Built in Shiraz

Director General of economic and financial affairs of Fars Province Babak Daei has said the project is one of the 4 initiatives funded by foreign capital in the province. 

He said a total of $24m has been earmarked for funding the project, he said addressing the province’s investment council on Sunday.

Daei said a Chinese financier has bankrolled $1.4m for a 250-kilowatt power plant and a French investor has financed €15m for investing a 15-kilowatt solar farm. 

The official also said that another project has been implemented in the province with an investment of $4.6m but did not disclose any details about the initiative. 

He further said investments have increased more than 5 times in the province from a year earlier. 

For the time being, project valued over $278m are being carried out in the province in various sectors, he added.