Ex-Director: Iran an Exception to Production Ceiling Stabilization

Assali said, at the Algeria meeting, Iran can announce its agreement to a general production ceiling on condition that it is excluded from the plan for two to three years.

Just three months passes from Assali’s leaving the post of the Director General of the Petroleum Ministry’s Department of OPEC Affairs and Relations with Energy Associations so he can better than any other expert analyze the OPEC information session, that is to be held in Algeria on September 26-28.

He says, “If Iran opposes the idea of general production ceiling without offering any substitute scenario, certain OPEC members and also international oil media, that are influenced by Saudi Arabia and other oil rich exporting countries, will charge Iran of procrastinating market stabilization and access to fair prices; so, it is better to devise a substitute scenario.”

Senior energy economy expert believes that for restoration of stability in the oil market, Iran should proceed with the proposed strategy of oil market stabilization around fair and logical prices, as was raised last year in the OPEC Affairs and Relations with Associations Department of the Ministry and was proposed to the OPEC Secretariat and OPEC members with the signature of Iran’s envoy to OPEC Governing Body, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili.