EOR to Be Pivot Line of Dehloran Field Development Study

Kardor made the remark after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Russian Tatneft oil company and the NIOC.

He said the EOR will be the pivot line of the Tatneft field development studies.

Signatories to the deal were Kardor and Director General of Russian Tatneft Nail Ulfatovich Maganov.

Kardor noted that based on the new model of oil contracts, foreign companies will be committed to cooperate with Iranian partner. 

He added that to this end, the foreign companies will choose partners from a list of 11 Iranian companies, identified by the Ministry of Petroleum as qualified in terms of E&P.

 He added that foreign companies will in the new contracts benefit from cooperation of other foreign partners.

He referred to Russian Tatneft interest in cooperation with Iran in refining and petrochemical sectors and said in major portion of the downstream sectors of Iranian oil industry, the private sector is active and Tatneft can cooperate with Iranian private sectors in the fields if it is willing.

Powerful private companies are active in the downstream part of Iranian oil industry and there are much capabilities in the sector, he added.

Also referring to Tatneft activity in construction of equipment and machine making, Kardor said the possibility of cooperation of the  company with Iranian manufacturing companies in construction of equipment is also possible. “We hope that within framework of joint cooperation, it will be possible to benefit from Tatneft technology and know-how in construction of equipment and machinery.”

Also quoting Tatneft director general’s statement that his company has good links with banks and that it is capable of financing projects, Kardor said such connections are promising.

He hoped that Dehloran field development study will result in more cooperation between the two sides.

Dehloran oil field is 22 kms southwest of Dehloran in Ilam Province and contains about five billion barrels of oil reserves.