Enough Feedstock Supply to Petchem Facilities in Winter

Bosaqzadeh said in the previous years, especially in the winter, certain petrochemical facilities failed to continue operation due to gas shortage.

“This winter we will have no special problem like feedstock supply, thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Petroleum,” said Bosaqzadeh.

The feedstock supply this year has increased remarkably compared to that last year and there is no source of concern with regard to supply of feedstock to petrochemical facilities in different parts of the country, he added.

He noted that petrochemical facilities are ready to receive ethane from different phases of South Pars.

Bosaqzadeh regretted that Kavian, Morvarid, Jam and Arya Sasol as well as other petrochemical facilities failed to continue operation to their actual capacity in the preceding years and said the facilities last year attained a good position for feedstock supply and this year they can add to their production volume.

Concurrent with the increase in the volume of feedstock supply to the petrochemical facilities, their production will increase as well, he added. 

He said several more petrochemical facilities will become operational this year and the petrochemical production capacity of the country will hence increase.