Electrical Parts & Equipment Reconstruction Unit at NIDC

Public Relations Department at National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) quotes Director of the Education, Technology and Engineering Affairs Department at the NIDC, Mehid Arshian, as saying that  the project allows his company to reconstruct necessary drilling parts at times lesser cost and easily.

Arshian said the NIDC had formerly had to provide the equipment at times higher cost and after lengthy time.

He said within short time since operation of the electrical part and equipment reconstruction unit, 20 items and equipment left at warehouses and workshops of the NIDC were successfully reconstructed and put into operation. He added that part of the stock items are still in the reconstruction stage.

NIDC is the only NIOC subsidiary which owns 74 onshore and offshore drilling rigs and extensive transportantion machinery, side drilling apparatus, acidification and cementing equipment that are now operating. There are more than 17,000 workforce operating at the NIDC.