Distillation Unit of Major Condensate Refinery Operational Tuesday

The first phase of the condensate refinery comprises utilities, procedural, flaring, storage and interface sections.

Once operational, the phase will process 120,000 barrels of gas condensate to produce gasoline, gasoil, liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene with Euro-4 standards. 

A major part of the refinery’s utility sectors have come online so far.

Fulfillment of the refinery’s first phase will bring Iran to self-sufficiency in gasoline production. Iran is now an importer of gasoline.

Iran currently imports 5 ml/d of gasoline to meet its growing demand. The startup of Persian Gulf Star Refinery would let Iran even export 3 to 4 ml/d of gasoline.  

The project, Iran’s first gas condensate refinery, has so far received €1.6b for its completion.

It will consume 360,000 barrels of gas condensate on a daily basis once fully operational.