Delivery of SP19 Topside B Begins

Hamir Reza Masoudi said the structure will most likely be ready for installation on its jacket by Thursday, March 9, if climatic conditions will be suitable in the coming days.

This will be the last installation of SP19 and will bring its natural gas yield to 56.6 million cubic meters per day. 

Masoudi also said that the project has so far yielded over 7 million barrels of gas condensate of which 6.7 mb has been exported. 

SP 19 is supplying 42 mcm/d of sour gas in its offshore section, said Masoudi, adding 37 mcm of its output is being processed every day to be injected to the national gas distribution network.

The project is also supplying 14 tons/hour of propane and butane, he added.