Chabahar Port Development is PMO’s Main Policy

Saeenejad made the remark in a meeting with Speaker of the Parliament (Majlis) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Larijani, in Tehran on Monday.

Saeednejad said for completion of the Chabahar Port construction project about 150 million dollars in finance has been estimated to be spent.

He also highlighted importance of development of Mokran shorelines and said the area is one of the less developed regions and the economic indices relating to it is not satisfactory. “Of course, based on the world statistics, about 65 to 70 percent of the world population live 150 kms from shores, indicating that both sea and shores have many capacities but in Iran no attention has been paid to it.”

Based on facts and figures and studies made for the purpose, Iran enjoys about 5,790 kms coastlines. “The statistic covers the main land, islands, the rivers suitable for shipping and the northern and southern coastlines. On the other hand, we are now enjoying about 11 big commercial ports and they have the capacity to transfer 210 million tons of goods and 10 million passengers.”

Based on the statistics available, about 78,000 sailors hold licenses and about 12,000 of them go to oceans, according to the official. 

Iran has 105 commercial vessels and ocean liners and about 95 oil vessels, he added.

The two ports of Shahid Rajaie and Imam Khomeini carry out 85 percent of total commercial operations, said the official, adding that Shahid Rajaie has commercial status and special advantage for Iran.

The official said one of the important policies of his organization is development of Chabahar Port.

“The port enjoys special geographic conditions and is linked to the Ocean. In connection with the port, three main contracts were signed for development purposes: The first contract was for construction of jetty in the port by the PMO and two contracts were signed with India to supply equipment at a credit of about 85 million dollars. Based on the contract Indians will operate the port for 10 years. Also about 150 million dollars in finance is envisaged for construction of the port. On the other hand, for development of the port has been signed with Iranian private sector at a credit of about 403 million dollars that will be met out of the sources of the National Development Fund.”