Austria Buys First Oil Cargo from Iran

Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Friedrich Stift said on Tuesday that after a long halt, Austria began to purchase crude oil from Iran last week, IRNA reported. 

He made the remarks in a meeting with Governor General of Golestan province Hassan Sadeqlu.

Stift said that before sanctions to be imposed, Austria used to purchase 500 million euro crude oil from Iran annually, but the sanctions halted trade with Iran.

In addition to oil, Austria used to import other Iranian goods including Saffron, cotton, walnut and agricultural products as well.

Stift expressed hope that the trade between the two countries would augment to the highest peaks prior to the sanctions.

To facilitate trade with Iran, an Austrian bank is to begin operation in Tehran soon, so exchange of money for import and export would become easier, Stift said.

Concerning cooperation between Austria and Golestan province, Stift said that agricultural capacities and garden products of the province may open a new chapter for the trade ties between businessmen of Austria and Golestan.

He announced that an Austrian trade delegation will visit Golestan province, soon.

Sadeqlu explained the potentials and capacities of the province, saying that medicinal plants, agricultural crops, animal husbandry and Saffron could be the areas for joint venture investment between businessmen of Golestan province and Austria.

He briefed the ambassador on relations of Golestan province of Iran with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and other Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) and China.

During his 2-day visit to Golestan province, the ambassador and accompanying delegation visited tourist sites, handicrafts exhibition and met with members of Gorgan Province Chamber of Commerce and the tourism department of the province.