Abadan Oil Refining Co. Exceeds Target Output

Abolhosseini said on Wednesday that his company had overcame barriers last year and managed to move ahead of the targets set for its products by four percent.

Abadan Refinery is located in the southwestern city of Abadan, near the coast of the Persian Gulf.  

Abadan Refinery is the largest as well as the oldest refinery in Iran with the land area of 500 hectares.

After the Imposed War, reconstruction process of the refinery began with the help of the Petroleum Ministry experts and staff and in less than 5 months the first phase of Abadan Refinery started operating on April 1, 1989 with the capacity of 130000 barrels per day and gradually, other units were put into operation as well.

Currently, the refinery produces about 25% of the total production of the country’s refineries. Provided that operating Super-Heavy crude oil is carried out, total production will reach to 540000 barrels per day that is near the former capacity of the refinery.