7 Petchem Projects to Come Online

Ali-Mohammad Bosaqzadeh, director of production control at NPC, said Iran produced more than 50 million tonnes of petrochemicals in the last calendar year to March 2017.

He said that petrochemical plants located on the route of West Ethylene Pipeline had raised their output on a yearly basis, adding: “Given the increase in feedstock supply to these plants, we predict to see further contribution of these petrochemical plants to output hike this [calendar] year.”

Bosaqzadeh said: “We predict to see a 7-million-tonne increase in petrochemicals this year. Based on our projections, 50 to 60 percent of this year’s output hike would come from operating units which would have capacity for more production and 30 to 40 percent would be provided by new projects.”

He said that more than 50 million tonnes of petrochemicals were produced last calendar year to March.

He added that Iran’s petrochemical exports saw 15 to 17 percent increase year-on-year while domestic consumption witnessed 8 to 10 percent growth from the year before.