4 Units of Persian Gulf Refinery Overhauled

The overhaul had been in coordination with the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) and per necessary licenses given. It took 30 days since October 20 to be complete.

Despite extensive volume of works and high risk of the operations, the overhaul was accomplished by Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company (BAORCO) thanks to effective measures, management and suitable mechanism taken to that end.

The BAORCO did the job within 28 days and two days ahead of the schedule free of any incident.

The main goal behind the overhaul has been preparation of the operation units so as to ensure constant and round-the-clock operation of the facility for another four years and supply and procure qualitative oil products. The gestures are hoped to be in line with the lofty goals of the Islamic establishment with resistive economy being the axis.

The overhaul also consisted all towers, transmitters, air fans, water coolers, pipelines, pumps and compressors, electric systems and precision tools, power control stations and flair system. 

The overhaul was subsequent to many sessions held by directors and officials of BAORCO. For the purpose, the procedural and executive maps for preparation of goods, items, equipment and machines needing repair had been prepared.

Some 2,000 man/hour had been involved in the repair as 1,000 domestic personnel contributed to the process.

The HSE observation was another feature of the project. 

Bandar Abbas oil refinery with processing capacity of 350 barrels of crude oil and gas condensate per day is the third largest oil refinery in the country. The refinery accounts for production of 18 percent of oil products including gasoline, LPG, kerosene, jet fuel, heavy naphtha, fuel oil and sulfur.