3rd Refinery of POGC Yields 13.7mb Gas Condensates in 7 Months

Head of the Management Department at the POGC Refinery Mohammad Shafi-Moazeni told Shana that the company had played an important role in export of gas condensates by more than 13 million barrels of gas condensate production. 

Moazzeni said the refinery also produced 391,600 tons of ethane with repair of the refinery’s turbo expanders.

He said the POGC has always put planning for enhanced recovery of the joint reserves on its agenda.

He went on to say that in the first seven months of this year, 9.45 billion cubic meters of gas were refined in the third refinery.

In the period under study, 48,870 tons of graded sulfur and 448,000 tons of LPG were produced in the third refinery, he added.