2,600-Ton Platform for South Pars Phase 20 Loaded

Ebadi told Shana on Monday that loading of the platform will result in one billion cubic feet increase in the capacity for extraction of gas from South Pars.

 He said the platform will be operational in February this year.

He added that as of today, the mooring operations for phase 20 platform will be launched and as of October 31, the platform will be carried to its location in Persian Gulf. 

The official said the spuls were fixed in their location on Monday. “Since test of the pipeline for phase 21 has started, and remaining sea pipeline activities and operation of the pipeline for phase 21 will be complete by end of the Iranian month of Aban (to end on November 21) and the pipeline for phase 20 will end by the month of Day (to end on January 21).”

He said operations for construction and installation of the main bases of platform and its junctions as well as offshore no. 32 4.5-inch and 210kms pipelines for phases 20 and 21 will be complete.

Ebadi said the platform for phase 21 was fixed in its location in Persian Gulf in Mordad (ended on August 21), The one billion cubic feet platform will be operational by end of Aban.

Since March 20, when the new Iranian year started, four platforms, A19, B18, 21 and B17, have been loaded and the platform A19 was put into operation. By end of Aban, the platform 21 will also be operational.

Based on plans, six South Pars platforms will be installed and put into operation.