2,302 Tons of Polymer Substances to Be Offered at IME

Shana quotes IME as reporting that 12,300 tons of bitumen, 1,400 tons of slaps vax, 2,302 tons of polymer substances and 1,599 tons of chemical substances will also be offered at the IME Hall.

The Export Hall of the IME will also witness supply of 33,000 tons of different kinds of bitumen, vacuum batom and lube cut.

Also in the industrial and mineral products hall of the IME, 20,000 tons of low alloy copper, 1,000 tons of copper wire and 1,500 tons of cathode copper of National Iranian Copper Industries Company, 100 tons of copper of the Gil Rad Shomal Company and 100 tons of copper wire of Kashan Donya-y-e Mess Copper Production Industries Company will be offered.