1st Sweetening Unit of Phases 22 to 24 Launched

Izadju told Shana that total progress of the project for development of phases 22, 23 and 24 of South Pars was 86.5 percent in the EPC section of the refinery of the phases.

He said operation of the phases will add two billion cubic feet to the capacity to extract gas from South Pars.

He said now, Iran’s capacity of gas extraction from South Pars gas field has reached more than 430 million cubic meters a day and based on the schedule, the amount will exceed 500 million cubic meters by end of this year.

Izadju said the phases have four platforms with the capacity of gas extraction to the tune of 500 million cubic meters a day.

Two main and satellite platforms of 22 and 24A with total capacity of one billion cubic feet will be operational by October 2018.