About Dena Petro

Mission, Vision and Values Statement
Our mission is to provide services adding value and improvement in support of Dena Petro’s business success. The procurement team is committed to acting, in accordance with best practices, as a leader among service providers, recognized for innovative and high-quality, cost-effective approaches to meeting and exceeding our internal and external customers’ expectations.

The procurement team takes pride in applying its core values:
Understanding and responding to our internal and external customers’ business needs and challenges and constantly changing market conditions
Seeking, establishing and maintaining vendor relationships that meet our requirements while providing the best value at the lowest total cost, with minimal supply chain risks
Improving processes to facilitate ease of procurement, drive innovation and to reduce transnational costs through continuous streamlining of the procurement processes
Taking a lead role on all strategic procurement initiatives
Remaining open, competitive and fair in our business practices
Conducting all business in accordance with PPD policies and procedures, and in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements

Vision and Values:
The procurement team is expected to provide excellent customer service to our internal stakeholders (timeliness, commitment and pro-activity).
We work cooperatively with shared purpose and vision, and promote collaboration and a sense of harmony and community.
We value and respect the individual while fostering an atmosphere where teams can flourish. Success comes through recognizing everyone’s skills and having a diverse range of experiences and contributions.
We serve the best interests of Dena Petro in our overall professional procurement practices and act ethically, and with integrity, discretion, honesty and professionalism.
Dena Petro must make every effort to be inclusive of diverse vendors in the countries where we conduct our business. It is procurement’s goal to include the use of diverse vendors to provide goods and services as part of our corporate procurement process. Procurement recognizes that vendor diversity creates a competitive advantage and positively impacts the global community and the countries where we conduct our business. Procurement believes that future success depends on enabling diverse businesses to share and grow in the global market.

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