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Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C is a diversified Oilfield supplier that provides a complete range of equipment, parts, accessories and Oil and Gas related services. We provide professional dedicated procurement services to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries in Europe, East Asia, Africa and especially in Middle East as the biggest oil and gas reservoir in the world.


Our Mission, is to provide our clients with a wide range of Professional Procurement Services including Instruments, Electrical, Mechanical and well head facilities based on our customer needs. within the Oil and Gas sector, through our highly experienced specialists,


Our vision is to become the ‘Procurement of Choice’ for all our Clients by providing our Employees with a motivating and friendly workplace to grow in Islamic Republic of Iran’s Domestic market, expanding to the Middle East as a global Procurement organization supplying all the related services in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.


Our commitment is to pursue the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental performance. That is the Policy of Dena Petro L.L.C to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation whether local or international. Conducting all operations in a manner that promotes safe working practices to avoid the risk of our employees, neighbors considering environmental regulations.

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Budgeting & Tenders

Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C provides Estimating and Budgeting Price for procurement of materials according to Tender Documents in the bid stage with complete Procurement Engineering Consultancy for the bidders including PC & EPC contractors. We can refer to Process Plants, Pipelines and other major Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical projects that DPM provide the same service to our customer and after awarding the contract to bidder, Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C is one of the project team member in “P” part of projects.

FSP Management

As technology drives the oil & gas industry, it can at times lead to unanticipated, highly complex situations. Based on Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C engineering’s depth of experience and management qualifications, we are capable of problem-solving these dilemmas by providing practical solutions for even the most complex challenges.

Procurement & Logistics

Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C provides all related Procurement Engineering services to our esteemed customers, in terms of specification clarification and technical negotiation with the manufacturers and suppliers.

Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C is executing professionally procurement part of PC & EPC contracts by having strong relation with qualified sources including manufacturers as well as suppliers for different categories of materials from first stage of procurement till supplying materials to our customer’s construction site.

Dena Petro Moaser L.L.C providing logistics services to our customers by having complete resources for shipments and transshipment and all export and import activities.

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